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Ladies First Challenge

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Pull-in is proud to be part of the Ladies First challenge! All girl be ready! Thyon 14.01.2012 > Qualifications WildHaus 18.02.2012 > Qualifications Leysin 23/24.03.2012 > Qualifications

Marty’s European Lipslide

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Follow DVS team riders Marty Murawski, Paul Shier, Flo Mirtain, Luis Tolentino and Lucien Clarke as they visit some of the european counterparts and skate the streets of Berlin, Marseille, Copenhagen, some of Europe’s best skate destinations. also featured: Ricardo Paterno, Louis Taubert, Adrien Coillard, Boris Proust.

Videos shoot!

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Some greats video this week. let’s stars with a ads foe skatemental NICK TUCKER DIAMOND LIFE!!!: and last but not least Bobby Worrest vs. The Edgar (full new video part) RVCA Europe presents Octavio Barrera

Pull-in « BOXER of SHAME » Contest

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Have you seen the PULL-IN ad in the new 7Sky Magazine? It say: « PUBLISH YOUR BOXER OF SHAME AND OFFER YOUR BUTT THE CONFORT OF A FRESH PULL-IN » To win a PULL-IN, take a picture of your « Can’t throw it away » underwear, don’t be shame and post it on our Facebook Wall! Here is how […]

2011 Street League « MALTO » turn.

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After 3 times of Nyjah domination, Sean Malto (Girl, Fourstars. Spitfire, Thunder) take the money and glory of winning a stop of the Street league in New Jersey ! Nyjah finishing in second and Chris Cole taking third. FINAL RESULTS: 1. Sean Malto 2. Nyjah Huston 3. Chris Cole 4. Chaz Ortiz 5. Paul Rodriguez […]

Celia New pictures

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With this hot time l’et’s have a look to our Snowboard team rider Celia Petrig! and her new pictures