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Strolch video – Luzern

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Strolch video was premiering on Saturday evening, now live! Luzern scene hit up local spots and also Spain, Denmark, Germany, Italy… Have a look! Featuring the skating of Brazil team rider: Christian Zemp, Sven Kilchenmann, Kilian Zehnder, Oliver Weismantel and many others  

Red Bull Manny Mania Zürich 2011

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For the first step of the Manny Mania 2011 in Zurich. It’s Svent who teach to all other how to do manual!   BIG UP to Our team rider. FOR the First ans 2nd place! the results: Sven Klichenmann ( Girl | Thunder ) Michel Müller (Matix | DVS | Mabasi ) Jordan Mathis Monir […]